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Online agility trainingen ~ Out


Always wanted to have an independent and reliable 'Out'?
Then this is the online agility training module for you.
In different phases I explain, through short films with clear explanations, how you take the first steps in learning the 'Out' to managing difficult 'Out' situations in a course.
What can you expect:
- 8 different phases
- Phases several short instruction videos (more than 30 videos in total)
- 3 months access
- extra option, feedback via a facebook group.

Take small steps and always train positively !!!

PHASE 1 The difference between the Out wrap and the Out slice

PHASE 2 Teaching the Out 'wrap'

PHASE 3 Teaching the Out 'slice'

PHASE 4 Proofing the Out wrap/slice

PHASE 5 Out with different crosses

PHASE 6 Out and discrimitation

PHASE 7 Trouble shooting

PHASE 8 Out in a course